• Advise the National Security Council on computer and cybercrimes.
  • Advise the Government on security related aspects touching on Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) and New & Emerging Technologies (BlockChain, 5G, AI, IoT).
  • Co-ordinate national security organs in matters relating to computer and cybercrimes.
  • Receive and act on reports relating to computer and cybercrimes.
  • Develop a framework to facilitate the availability, integrity and confidentiality of CIIs.
  • Co-ordinate collection and analysis of cyber threats, and response to cyber incidents.
  • Co-operate with computer incident response teams locally and internationally in response to threats of computer and cybercrime and incidents.
  • Establish codes of cyber-security practice and standards of performance for implementation by owners of CIIs.
  • Develop and manage a National Public Key Infrastructure (NPKI) framework.
  • Develop a framework for training and awareness on matters computer and cybercrime.
  • Perform any other function conferred on it by CMCA, 2018 or any other written law.

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