Penetration Testing


What is penetration testing? Penetration testing (or pen testing) is a security exercise where a... Read More Penetration Testing

Privacy and Mobile Device Apps

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How can you avoid malicious apps and limit the information apps collect about you? Before installing an app... Read More Privacy and Mobile Device Apps

Cybersecurity Framework

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Cybersecurity Framework Function Areas Identify Develop the organizational understanding to manage... Read More Cybersecurity Framework

Internet of Bodies

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Internet of Bodies are devices (implanted, swallowed or worn) that monitor the human body, collect health... Read More Internet of Bodies

Cybersecurity Risks and Threats


Kenya continues to face the following cybersecurity risks and threats; Cyber warfare.  Cybercriminals, both... Read More Cybersecurity Risks and Threats

NC4 Launch


The launch of the National Computer and Cybercrime Coordination Committee (NC4) was done on 4th November 2021... Read More NC4 Launch

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